Shugg's Was Totally Eclipsed All Summer!

The eclipse is going to be exciting and all but I feel like I've been seeing sun spots already!

WHEW! Thank goodness for our friends at COWS! It is so easy to call a COW they have kept Shugg's on the MOOOVE! Moving has never been easier. Even when we have to get things done in a day or at the last minute it's the best way to get it done, and I've already saves a ton of cheese on storage units that don't come to Shugg.

If I was going to send you some postcards from this summer they might have some of these pictures, enjoy! We did.

It seems we no sooner get someone set up, that someone is putting a SOLD sign in the yard!

Well, that's what we are here for and I'm so happy that we play a little part in helping. Since it's just been a whirlwind I will just tell my besties (that's you) to be on the look out in the near future for some thing I am SOOOO EXCITED to launch! Just like Santa Claus, Shugg has a secret workshop where talented team members have been helping me create a line of Shugg's essentials. That's all I can tell you now but it will knock your socks off. Well, only one, so that you can match it up to that basket of strays you have in your laundry room.

We've been seeing sales around town and as always encourage clients to purge, and clear the clutter from their homes. I just wanted to take a minute to remind you about a few places who are happy to accept your gently used items for our friends who may be down on their luck. Lubbock Impact located at 2707-34th will accept donations at the door on the south side of the building. This very worthy organization helps feed, give clothes and give free medical services to more than 500 families in our community every week. It's run completely by volunteers and by donations.

Football, fall, and fa, la, la are right around the corner. If you are interested in having Shugg speak to you group of friends for a party or happy hour, give me a ring. I love to drop by if I can and share a tip or two with friends.

Stay sweet!- Shugg

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