Get Your Clutter to the Utter!

One of the best time saving and stress relieving services we use for Shugg's is COWS. It's kinda a secret just knowing how, to use the COW! I love the COW, because they deliver a big clean container to load up items we need to store and they moooove, (sorry I have to speak like this because the COWS like to read) everything we need gone when we are ready. A big truck comes to pick up the entire COW and delivers it to the next location or stores it for Shugg til we meet again. (Obviously I could have written, meat, but the COWS like me to promote chicken).

It's easy, fast and affordable. For Shugg, from start to finish it's smooth like butter! I don't have to mooove things twice, find room in a storage unit, wrestle with the elements and it's very, very cost effective. Personally, I like dealing with local people too. Just incase there is a problem or a change in plans COWS has a herd of people here to help Shugg in anything I need for my client.

This week, a client who was surprised to find out they are moving, called in a panic to have me get some staging done for her. We boxed up her things while the COW sat quietly in her drive til it was full, and then they placed her COW in storage until she know's where it needs to go. Last week, we used a small cow, to temporarily get some things out of a big, big house so that the staging could focus on the details of the home.

It's perfect because COWS don't require long term contracts and your things are protected / out of the way until you know what you are doing.

We are utterly so excited to share COWS with our friends, be sure to share them with yours.

Til later!- Shugg!

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