Use it or Lose It! How Your Own Decor Can Do More With Help From Shugg!

Guess who has the BEST décor to freshen & stage your Home? YOU!

Most of the time, my clients already have everything we need to give their home a great look. With a fresh eye, take out the emotion, and some elbow grease, many rooms can be Shugg Staged without buying anything new. In fact, if someone can’t take the things you already have and give you some ideas, they may not really be staging, but instead just selling.

One of the best benefits of Shugg’s Staging is using what clients already have to update and freshen a room first! I get calls from clients who think if we come to stage a home for sale or just the home they live in now, it requires all new furniture, new stuff and a huge budget. Well at Shugg’s, we actually specialize in using what you already own. It’s amazing to walk into a room that has great pieces, and tweak the positions, arrangements or even completely flip flop placement to go from eh….to ELATION!

It’s not magic, but most of my clients think I wave my magic wand when they come home to a totally new look, with their own things. If you think about it, it’s much like going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite thing. For me, one of my favorites are the meatballs at the Italian Garden when I am in Lubbock. I can make meatballs, I can buy them, and I do both. Technically a meatball is meat, spices and filler… but something about their recipe, the sauce, the presentation and sometimes the red wine… and it’s just better at Italian Garden! That’s all they do, and they do it really well.

I basically do the same thing for clients who know what they like, have the right ingredients, but just don’t have it put together the way they want. When my team can come in, gather what we need, remove what we don’t, and put it together with one idea in mind, it’s fantastic.

My consultations can be fast and fixing up as we go, or I can just give a proposal and let a client take it from there. If we work together, the consult is part of the entire job so clients are not out a dime for the consult. It’s really one of the best ways to give your home a fresh look without a big budget.

So, try my meatballs, respect-ively. We are so excited about all the homes this year already on contract or sold, and the ones that just got a little 'Shugg Lift' so the owner could enjoy more and work less. Tell a friend, and as always…. Stay sweet ya’ll!


Kim Wylie

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