"Look, Shugg Staged the White House!" Ok, so... no, I didn't tell the truth but I kno

Everyone is buzzing about the President these days, and I'm reminded.....

that February is the month to honor our leaders! So putting politics in the pooper for a few minutes, I was thinking about good old number one himself. The big George, on all those dollar bills we see every day. George and Martha were the original stagers in a sense for our entire country. It's really one of the hallmarks of my business to compare a client's home to the White House because while (hopefully) it is NOT for sale to visitors, it is on display daily. The White House rooms tell the stories of a nation past, present and future. Luckily, your home just has to tell a potential buyer, a new story with her living there.

For all of us over the age of 30, even if just barely…. we learned about George Washington as a boy and how he admitted to his father that he chopped down the cherry tree but did not lie about it to his father. In the spirit of President’s Day, I am reminded as a stager, that it is so important to tell my clients the truth about things in their home and I may have to metaphorically, “chop down” things to help it sell. It’s never easy to tell someone that the pink shag carpet from 1974, or the gold peeling wall paper in the sunroom may have a big impact on a buyer, but it’s my job. Believe me, I don’t look forward to these situations, and from time to time, a realtor can even make this process more difficult by wanting to spare their feelings. Here’s the deal, my clients do not have to make all kinds of expensive changes most of the time, but I always give my honest advice and some options that will enhance and bring value to the property when and if they want to make them. Remember that scene with Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men, “You Can’t Handle The Truth!” Well, you can. You are worth the truth to me, and it's usually just that we need to clean out some clutter, use some fresh paint, change out some bedding and re- arrange the rooms. So yes, when you ask for the truth Shugg's gonna have it. However, I dare you not to tell me later that it helped!

So speaking of being daring and in spirit of things, another part of my job is to talk to the home. What life is in those empty rooms? What room is this, may be what someone is thinking. However sometimes she may not say it out loud. When a potential buyer can’t see herself living in the home, they usually don’t make an offer. Staging helps her visualize living there. Shugg’s style can showcase a lifestyle that fits the feel of the home. If the home is quiet and airy, I create a mood that whispers "Sit down softly and enjoy the comfort while you listen to music or read.” If the room is near a center of activity in a home built for entertainment, I may stage an area that chimes ”Pour yourself some wine and eat some snacks while you relax at this small bistro table that overlooks the pool!”. An empty room can never tell a potential buyer how happy they will be living there or how, but a Shugg’s staged one can!

So, the one truth in staging that no one is having to fib about, is staging will increase the time it takes to sell a property. The average increase now is 86%. That's more George Washington's to the seller, the realtor and a happy, happy buyer. Stay sweet ya'll, Shugg!

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