5 New Year's Resolutions for your Home (and you)

Read More! Clean and organize your book shelves.

If your book shelves and books have a coat of dust on them, then that's probably a sure sign that you don't read enough! Reading is great for keeping your brain sharp, and maintaining and growing your vocabulary. Not only that, but you're sure to reduce some allergens in the air by getting rid of the dust! That will save you a headache in itself! Click here to read the many benefits reading has on reducing stress levels and keeping your mind stimulated! Aside from the benefits of reading, imagine how clean and organized your book shelf will look after you've organized it. You can organize it by genre, alphabetically, by size, or just clean it up to make it presentable if you aren't picky. If you're really OCD, you can organize it by all the above! If you do that, please take a photo and send it to me.

Eat Healthy. Or don't...just make sure to clean and organize your pantry.

The majority of people make some kind of resolution to eat better, get fit, or cut back on portions. That's great, but how can you do this without clean cooking at home? Imagine not having to scrounge through the pantry, searching for ingredients that can make up a meal for the night! If you organize everything, and throw out the expired items, then you don't have to wonder what you have in the pantry that you put together and make for dinner. It also will make grocery shopping a lot easier. No more asking yourself at the grocery store, "Do we have green beans at home?"... Then buying them anyway because you want to be sure you have them, and ending up stuffing your pantry with extra green beans you don't need, because, in fact, you did already have them.

There are even apps now that tell you what you have in the pantry, so you DON'T have to ask that question! BUT, you have to organize your pantry first and tell the app what is in it. After you do the setup, it's pretty much just maintenance. But it will even tell you when your bread is expired! I'm thinking specifically of the Pantry Manager app. While you're at it, just go ahead and organize your pots and pans too. Ideas for organizing: put canned goods together, breakfast foods, snacks, baking goods, and pasta/in the box type meals. Or, come up with your own system! Just be sure to get it done!

Use less storage. How much Tupperware and plastic containers do we really need?

There is something that draws women to food storage containers. It's a force stronger than that of a Jedi. It's either too cute to not have, the perfect set, it has really neat features, we don't have one of those yet (and won't ever use it), or just another "Oh I don't think I have that size." We really couldn't fit all of our containers into the fridge, even if we needed to store leftovers from feeding a small village. If you haven't used it in a year, you probably won't, so donate it, store crafts in it, let the kids play drums on it, but whatever you do, don't fool yourself into thinking you STILL need it stored away in your kitchen! Keep your favorites, get rid of ones with lost lids (because that's just annoying), and keep the ones you use often. Pretty simple!

Get fit! Actually just throw out what doesn't fit.

Keeping closets clean is a struggle. Keeping closets clean that have clothes squished so close together a pin couldn't fit between them is even HARDER! You don't wear them all, and you know it. And you don't even WANT them all. It's just not fun getting rid of clothes. It's more fun buying them! Go through your closet, and only keep what you know you will wear within the next year. Most people wear way less in their closet than they realize. You can donate them and get a tax deduction, or sell them on your local Facebook page for selling and trading (I promise there is one, they're everywhere). Either way, your closet, and YOU, are winning.

Get tax ready. Not everyone yell hooray at once...

Papers are the worst. Keeping track of documentation, deciding what you need to keep and don't need to keep, it's all a boring chore. Papers are awful, taxes are awful, but it's just one of those things in life that have to be taken care of. So, put all your papers in a stack, then organize them in piles of how you want them divided (by date, company, year, month, alphabetical, etc.). Then, just buy the organizational file, folder, or box that fits your filing needs. You will most likely need hanging files, unless you elect for a different type of file holder. Then, put them in the filing order you want, and bam! You have now completed this awful task, and you can just maintain, so you don't have to do it again next year!

Bonus tip!

Actually complete these tasks, instead of just reading about them!

Happy New Year!

- Shugg

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