Get Lean & Clean & Create a Scene

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a happy and wonderful 2017. We started the season "Merry & Bright," as we had the Wylie Family Christmas the weekend before Christmas (which proved to be one of the most fun Christmases ever! )

Annual Wylie Family pajama picture Then the week prior to Christmas was a little bit lackluster. Although we shared a wonderful Christmas at my dad's home and church, we had already began the process, in our minds, of the New Year. So after dashing through the "dough" and shopping, wrapping, and all the FaLaLa you can imagine, it's time to pack it away, and wipe up the cookie crumbs. Since people say, "I just love having to clean up after the holidays.... NEVER, I just say, "Get it done, and have some fun for yourself too!" First, put on that cute apron you have hanging there, and slip on some fun cleaning gloves. Turn up your favorite tunes, pour yourself a cranberry spritzer with a splash of vodka, and get your chores done!

You don't have to put away everything...look at how I have fun utilizing the same decor in a new way for fun New Year's vignettes. Adele is singing Skyfall, fitting perfectly with my "Martini Little Scenery"...what time is it?

Keep working! Moving on to your table, remember - staging is telling a story, and I want mine to say, "Dum vivimus vivamus - Let us live while we live."

Using ornaments with creative bar ware continues the festivities! (I love using pineapples whenever I can. Pineapples symbolize "Welcome" and hospitality! Plus they are just so darn cute!) Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I will add some fresh pineapple to my menu, it's full of vitamins, and delicious, yum. I created a festive dining room table with left over tinsel and Christmas balls!

The staging is done, and as always, it's simple.

The life of the home is in the love and laughter from the people who gather with you. Now it's time to pull off the gloves, hang up the apron, sit down, and finish that spritzer. Cheers!

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