K.I.S.S. Your DECOR and you'll LOVE it MORE!

Wait! Don't pucker up under that mistletoe with 15 tubs of stuff you've collected for years... my Christmas KISS your decor and Love it MORE means, KEEP IT SIMPLE SANTA! I always tell my clients less is more when it comes to creating space. During the holidays taking it down a notch can actually bring up your look! Whether your home is on the market, or just needs to be guest ready, clutter is a killer and while we do love our holiday memories it's always good to rotate them or pass them on to grown kids.

For corporate spaces this year it was wonderful to share a decorating tradition I learned from my mom when I was a little girl growing up on the farm in Wilson, Texas. My parents weren't spenders, but my mother had an eye for things that looked beautiful and she always used the most bountiful bowls of cotton from Daddy's fields to decorate our tree, wreath and even our mantel. This year, I used her ideas to line wired ribbons around this stunning tree in the Wylie Implement Spray Center in Lubbock for their Cookies with Santa Saturday Photo Opportunity. Many of their customers came from surrounding areas to bring their families to see the big guy in red. I used cotton generously donated from local farmers and left plenty of room for kids to roam about after they gave Santa their wishes had plenty of hot chocolate and cookies and even won prizes.

Also pictured are some holiday spots that are favorite examples of how it's easy to KISS the Shugg's way. One of my signature areas this year is the bar, where I used Moscow Mule mugs with a bit of greenery to invite holiday cheer that takes your space right from Christmas to New Year's. It's also a great idea to use things that look natural and make sense, if it doesn't... it's probably clutter. Cozy is another word people like when creating space. Here are a few "cozy" spots I think you'll like. The New Year is almost here, and I can't wait to see all the exiting projects my clients bring me. In a way my job makes me a little Just like Santa, sometimes clients ask for things I don't know if my elves can make, but we do try, sometimes we only have one night to get it all done,I always have a sack full of stuff, and I check my list at least twice but unlike St. Nick, I don't judge what you've been up to. Give me a call, I can help you.

Happy Holidays- Shugg

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