Votes are in! A.K.A. Susie cheats!

Ok, the big day arrived, Laurie, the homeowner, invited friends and neighbors over to be the “judges”. It just so happens that an even number of guests arrived. Hmmm, 12 to report precisely. Susie, had graciously provided the door signs, the markers to give the rooms objective labeling and order for the voters, HA! Laurie’s room marker was a beautiful sunflower, Susie’s was a half naked cowboy, mine was a cow. Set up like so:

Then the signs were placed on the doors, and the order, depending on which way someone was walking, clearly would have made the “cow” either #1 or #3. However #2 was placed on the “Cow” and the Half Naked Cowboy who would have made sense to anyone as #2, became #3. Susie, later admitted, after much giggling, wine, and other confessions, that she cheated so the guests would vote for #3 thinking it was one of the corner rooms!

Clearly, the vote was rigged!

After a tour of the rooms, and sharing of the budgets, the contest rules and more, the votes were gathered. Unlike other elections, there were no speeches, debates, or ridiculous statements, with an even number of voters; there was a 3-way tie. Laurie declared herself the big winner, for getting all three rooms decorated for $1,500 total.

Of course for me, it was such fun, and the experience propelled me into opening Shugg's. I realized how much fun it is to use new and old to bring out a space, and I got to see first hand how much it means to people to have their home decorated.

Thank you Laurie, and Susie, for a fun time and for getting me going in my new business, Shugg's.

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