My Strategy

Continued from "A DIY Intervention"..

My Competitors

Susie: She accepted the challenge willingly; she's creative and competitive (I knew she would be a tough competitor).

Laurie: She was also getting revved up and was pinning like crazy on Pinterest, so I knew I was going to have to come up with some really great ideas.

The first step was to decide which room I wanted.

All the rooms were approximately the same size. Two rooms had one window, and one room had two corner windows. So, I chose the bedroom with two corner windows.

I then had to think about the bed size. I knew Laurie had grand kids, so I figured that I would create a room that both adults and kids could use. So I chose twin beds!

Strategy #1 - The Beds

I felt that by picking twin beds I would have the winning strategy. My design idea was to create moving bed frames, twin size use, as well as king!

I made my frames out of two pallets, white washed them, and attached "killer" metal casters (2 on the bottom ends that lock after you move them).

Pallets = $0

Paint = $0 (I already had)

Casters = $50 per bed.

Total = $100 for frames!

Strategy #2 - Table

I then used a portion of a pallet to make a desk/makeup table.

As I told you earlier, my husband is in the farm equipment and manufacturing business. I took a portion of a pallet to my husband's manufacturing plant, and asked them to use a piece of scrap steel and wrap 3 sides. They put 4 legs on it out of scrap pvc piping. I tore out pages of an old book and glued them around the pvc to cover the pipe. Then I sprayed the legs with an acrylic sealer. I found 2 baskets at Hobby Lobby that fit the two openings on the front perfectly!

I had 2 a counter-height chairs in my garage that I donated.

Pallets = $0

Scrap Metal and PVC = $0

Old Book = $0.00

Acrylic Spray = $5.29

2 baskets = $8.00 each

Total = $21.29

Strategy #3 - Wall Decor

Laurie's family lives in Texas, Oregon, and Washington State. I wanted to have something displayed that depicted all areas. I bought a map and cut out the above mentioned states. I then took it to Office Max and got them to blow the size of each state up 5x. I bought 3 burlap canvases at Hobby Lobby. I glued the states on to the canvases and sprayed them with an acrylic clear coat.

3 Canvases with Map = $7.99 each

Total = $23.97

Strategy #4 - Bedding

I looked online for inexpensive cute bedding (FYI, those two adjectives are very hard to put together and find in the bedding world). I got an email saying Kohl's was having a "buy one get 1/2 off Sale," so I headed to Kohl's. When I chose twin beds, I was thinking, "This sure better not double my bedding expense!" But I did find some cute orange and white 'bed in a bag' sets. It was also helpful at checkout when I was given the opportunity to save an additional 10% if I signed up for a Kohl's card - so I did!

Total = $148.50

Strategy #5 - Window Treatments

I measured the two windows in my room (again 2x more cost than the other rooms). When I was shopping for the acrylic clear coat, I noticed some nice looking drop I went back and looked at the measurements of the windows, and VOILA! I found some the exact size of my windows! I got 2 (ugh) curtain rods and curtain clips. Then I bought a pretty stencil. I stenciled the drop cloths in a silver metallic paint (already had it in my paint stock). Then to tie in the silver with the bedding, I stenciled on the pillow shams.

2 Drop cloths = $7.89 each

2 Curtain rods = $3.97 each

2 Curtain clips = $8.97 each

Stencil = $6.98 at Hobby Lobby

Total = $48.64

Strategy #6 - Accessories

Starting with my favorite retail stores, I shopped at Ross Dress for Less, and found a rug, table, and paint dipped basket. TJ Maxx had a lamp that was an exact match to the bedding. At Home Goods I found what I figured was an 'icing on the cake win' - a multi-colored Longhorn to hang on the wall between the twin beds! It was so cute, and Laurie is a Texas Longhorn fan! I also bought a mirror there for the desk/makeup table. At Benbrooke Antique Mall I found some old dress patterns, an old green wire basket, wooden wall coat rack, and checkered pith helmet (my favorite piece)! Then picked up a few little odds and ends at Dollar General.


Putting it all together

With money running low, Suzy requested Laurie buy pillows, and Laurie agreed!! So she gave me 4, plus Laurie had some extra " burlap gunny" sacks left over, so she gave me two. So I stenciled those as well. Then I bought 4 large decorative wooden buttons and sewed them on the burlap sacks to make fun pillow cases. My friend, Paula, contributed a carafe to place on the table between the beds. The room was finished, and might I add, PRECIOUS!!

Fun Pillow Cases = $11.96

Total = $11.96

Finished Total: $538.16

A bit over budget, but so worth it!

next time..."The Judging Day"


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