A D.I.Y. Intervention

I mentioned in my last "blog" ( I still think blog is an icky word), a DIY project that helped inspire me to start this new career.

A dear friend of mine, Laurie, bought a brand new, 4 bedroom home in the Pecan Plantation subdivision of Granbury, Texas. This is just a few miles from where we have a home in the De Cordova subdivision.

She invited me and a few other friends over to her house for a glass a wine and show off her new place. Laurie had decorated and furnished the master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and office. I asked her what she planned to do in the other three rooms and she said, "Nothing!" I quizzed her more about this, and she said, "If I have guests, they can sleep on blow up mattresses." Now let me tell you about Laurie...decorating was not her thing...she did not like to nor want to mess with the task.

Well, being the HGTV guru that I am, I could not quit thinking about her home. All night long...nightmares, I tell you, nightmares!! I couldn't fathom that she would not complete her lovely new home. Admittedly, after just completing a remodel of a couple of rooms in our lake home, I was also needing a DIY fix.

My Lakehouse DIY: I white washed the hardwood floors and distressed them, painted the walls (my favorite color right now), Sherwin Williams, "ICEBERG", and revamped/rearranged my furnishings and decor. Our male Schnauzer, Schlitz, also makes an appearance in one of these photos! Hildi, our female Schnauzer, was busy sunning herself, and could not make the photo shoot.

So the next morning I called her and suggested that we have a DIY contest! My idea was to give 3 friends an allowance. Each friend would choose a room, furnish, and decorate it for her. Not surprised by this, she said, "I'll give it some thought."

After I hung up I didn't have a very good feeling that she would accept this challenge, but awhile later I had a knock at my door, and it was Laurie!

She came inside enthusiastic and agreed to my DIY challenge.

Laurie 'generously' offered to give the DIY contestants a $500 budget per room, and also pay for the mattresses and box springs. This is not much money to do a room; did I forget to tell you this friend is a tight wad?

Well I was determined anyway, and I accepted the challenge. Laurie was then tasked with finding two other willing contestants, but only came up with one. However, loving the concept, Laurie decided to join the challenge herself!


to be continued...

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