And so it begins...

After establishing Shugg's Home Staging and Detailing in November of 2015, I had been struggling with the idea of growing my new business. I have never really run my own business, but it's been a dream job of mine. I had been thinking about expanding by incorporating social media and a blog. However, I thought that might cut into my 'Shugg time' (the name my two precious grandsons gave me), my 'golf time', 'wine time', or 'travel time'. So, I hadn't made any commitments.

Upon returning home from a business trip with my husband, the first thing I saw while turning into the driveway was our Texas Red Bud tree in the most unique bloom; the most beautiful and interesting tree I have ever seen!

I thought to myself, "Here is the answer to my pondering…this blooming tree is your sign that you can expand and grow your business, and your family and friends will flourish with you!" So, here we go!

My name is Kim Wylie and I live in Lubbock, Texas. I grew up on a West Texas cotton farm, and my husband, Scot Wylie, works in the farm equipment and manufacturing business, and owns Wylie & Son, Inc.

We have 4 adult kids, two girls and two boys (combined marriage), one daughter-in-law, one son-in-law, and two grandsons (ages 7 and almost 2).

I have always dabbled in decorating, painting, wall papering, gardening, and even had a booth in an antique mall, but had never considered doing it as a profession; until participating in a DIY contest that I initiated with two friends (I will share that story with you soon), and when two of my other realtor friends asked me to start staging for them and their clients. After a few months of consideration, I took the plunge and applied for a course to become a certified home stager. Starting a business requires a huge learning curve. Staging is not all just fun; there is a lot that goes along with it - those things not being my cup of tea, but I'm learning. You can also now find and follow me on social media!

I never imagined that I would start a blog. I don't like the name 'blog'; it reminds me of what you might find underneath your chair at the movie theatre…so I'm going to name and refer to it as 'Shugg Talk', 'Hey Shugg, what's Bloomin'!' or 'Shugg's Bloomin' Blog'…y'all pitch in and let me know what you think!

I hope to share with you some ideas, projects, and lots of FUN!


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