People don't buy houses, they buy homes. Homes sell better with furniture in them. Furniture gives buyers a reference point for their own items that will occupy the space. They just need to be shown the potential of a space. Often, homeowners have lived in a place for so long, they cannot see what might be unappealing to a buyer. That's where staging comes in. It is very important to create an inviting environment for potential buyers or renters to experience. People may not remember everything that was said about a house, but they will remember how a house made them feel. Environments can envoke anxiety, worry, and a gloomy feeling, while others radiate happiness, tranquility, and a calming vibe. Even staging a home that is lived in can be a great change of scenery. You don't have to be moving out to stage your home. It's always nice for a guest to state that they experienced your home as warm and inviting. It's ok to need assistance decorating; you will not be deducted homemaking points. Many people are too busy to shop for decor, need help deciding on a color scheme, or advice on where to place items in their home. So whether you're selling or staying, staging your home is never a bad idea.