We provide commercial staging for business offices, real estate companies, new development model homes, apartment housing, and any business in need of aesthetic assistance. Commercial staging is important for all businesses, especially for real estate companies with clients in need of assistance to help sell their homes. Spaces that are pleasing to the eye create a positive psychological experience. About 70 percent of the body’s sense receptors are located in our eyes, making sight the greatest transmitter of setting, but smell is most closely related to our memories. That is why many apartment homes bake cookies all day, so potential residents enter and leave with memories of eating chocolate chip cookies. Colors can change the mood of a room, too. Every sensory factor is important, but seeing and smelling are crucial to the staging of a space. If someone presents an attractive business card to potential clients in public, but occupies a foul smelling office that looks run down, a disconnect is created in a potential customer's mind when they enter the place of business and it is not comparable to the presentation of the card. First impressions are everything, so we help companies make a great one.